Outsourcing CNC Machining: Get Delivered Higher Productivity At The Lowest Cost Per Part

RV Industrials is a subcontract machining company, providing high precision metal machining services for our wide customer base. With a simplified production process, we can achieve specific precisions, accuracy, tolerances, and dimensions that standard machines cannot match.

Our top-of-the-line CNC machines in our facility can operate tools like lathes, mills, grinders, and produce high consistent components. A high degree of accuracy and the capability to numerous types of complex parts are the major business drivers of CNC contract machining.

RV Industrials is a market-leading subcontractor of High Precision Flanges, High Precision Shaft, High Precision Valve Assembly, Hardened Sleeves and Pins, and High Precision Spacers. With a futuristic blend of quality control and advanced machining technologies, we have helped global businesses with first-rate precision components for varied industrial applications.

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Why Should You Subcontract The CNC Machining?

Highly skilled machinists

When you outsource CNC machining, you are tapping into RV Industrials’ decades-long expertise. We bring in specialized talent for project-specific tooling.

Our machinists, by leveraging efficient CNC machines, produce parts with exact dimensions. With their capability to follow extremely specific machining blueprints,we deliver parts with tight tolerance on time, and at cost-effective prices.

5-axis Machining

RV Industrials works with the best-in-class 5-axis machining. The computer-controlled machinery offers a level of precision that 3-axis machines cannot replicate. We can produce multi-sided parts, guaranteeing ultra-precision, and better surface finishes as the result.

Multiple tooling capability: CNC Turning & CNC Milling

When you subcontract our CNC machining services, you can have a wide array of our services and technologies. CNC Turning the cutting tool to move into the rotating axis to process the workpiece. Thus, the parts can be turned to accurate measurements as required.

Our CNC milling involves circular motion and creates milled parts with certain shapes, with precise attention to detail. We help our customers by producing more complex, curved parts.

By outsourcing RV Industrials’ machining services,you can reduce high fixed costs while exceeding in quality, accuracy, and precision. Contact our machining experts and let them help you further.

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